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We are so happy you are here! With four kids, multiple businesses and a farm, life can be downright crazy! Around the time my husband Mike and I decided to settle down and begin a family, we knew we could pull it off right here in rural Ohio. While life has been busy and chaotic with lots of risk taking, we have made it our goal to intentionally pursue our dreams together. From the very beginning, thats what it has been all about. Mike's goal of owning restaurants has come to fruition while I have also simultaneously been able to pursue my goal of creating authentic pottery for intentional every day use.

Our goal and passion has been to share in our love of each others talents and dreams. We hope as you gather with your friends and family that you can remember to be fully present. Please enjoy the culmination of Mike's delicious recipes while we also utilized my Stonehouse pottery. We would love if you share your thoughts with us after making these recipes. Better yet - tag us if you use something from Stonehouse Pottery when cooking!

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