Meet the Maker of Stonehouse Pottery

Meet Emily Moorefield Mariola.

Emily has been making pottery for as long as she can remember! Emily was raised by her father and her mother - who is also a potter. Her family lived on a sheep farm growing up, and this inspired her calling into the artistic and creative life. In college, Emily had the revelation that she wanted to be more like her mother than she thought.


When she was 24, Emily opened up a pottery studio in downtown Wooster, Ohio, with her mom. This began the fulfillment of a dream she always had inside her, which she didn't realize was there.


As Emily began to evolve and grow into her talents, her creative inspiration came from everyday life. She shifted from wanting to create pieces that would never be used to creating practical, simple shapes that work every day.


Her passion was sparked to create pieces that would be used, cherished, and celebrated. Whether it's a Tuesday night dinner, a first date, or a special occasion - Emily's goal became creating practical pieces that you want in your everyday life. Now, Emily's favorite pieces to make are full dinner sets - knowing a family will use them every single day brings her great joy.


Emily has been married to her husband, Mike, for over 20 years. Mike is an award-winning chef and the owner of Mike Mariola Restaurants. Together they have four beautiful children who are constantly the driving force behind Emily's creations. In fact, Emily's favorite piece she has is a creamer and sugar set her son made! Their family lives on their treasured 86 acre farm, Stonehouse, where they've raised many animals over the years, but currently have horses and pigs. 


Emily's best pieces of wisdom are, "You can create a life that works to your talents." As well as, "Let your artistic vision shift and move and evolve." Creating art is on the ongoing evolution of learning your craft, tweaking your practice, and allowing your experiences to influence your work. 

Stonehouse Pottery is a hand-thrown ceramics studio located in Wooster, Ohio. Led by artist Emily Mariola, each piece is uniquely created from start to finish by her hands. Emily has over 24 years of experience making beautiful pottery pieces and has sold over 20,000 products. Stonehouse Pottery crafts practical pieces like dishes, mugs, plates, decor, and specialty pieces that incorporate into everyday life. Explore the catalog at to find your next favorite piece.